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Direct a scene with the following scenario (You may use scripts and/or video editing submission in your entry.).

Describe the saddest day of your life in a tragic emotion inspiring way.

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Nandini Wahi
crew_member, director, editor, marketer
Hi! My name is Nandini Wahi and I am a creative and passionate director, filmmaker, videographer,...View Profile
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Productions are a great way to create group-oriented goals for easy-to-use project management.
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Christof Hackl
[picture]Hello, I am an upcoming producer who lives in London but likes to meet people all over the planet for film co productions or/and just hang out and have fun. I just finished my first comedy short "Donkey Planet" in london and now I am working on a documentary which will be produced in Los...
Christof Hackl
Looking for Other Members in: Directing
Production Type: Short film

I am looking for a Director who has some experience in the mystery/horror genre for a horror short which I am planning to produce in the Los Angeles area by the end of this year. The film is about one guy who just met a girl who asks him to house sit and take care of her cat while she is away. But he doesn’t know that this is not the real reason why he has to stay in the house. It is a horror short with a twist. Please send me a message if you are interested and I can discuss it with you in...


Groups are a good way to connect with others in the film community. Attend events, start discussions and network.
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MoviePals Entertainment
[picture]This is the MoviePals Admin Account. You may want to check out our team page to see the individual profiles of the company members.
MoviePals Entertainment

We make films and work with directors, video editors, and post-production artists and we've built network and platform to help lots of people make movies and find filmmakers like you – Join Us!

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a weekday night  where you can talk about the ups and downs of filmmaking along with a general meet and greet, social networking in person style then come to one of our events and:

-          Share ideas and network...