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Smart phones are everywhere and if you include tablets, they are starting to replace traditional computers and laptops for casual browsing and staying entertained in those annoying bus / airplane waiting lines (or park benches, subway rides, or… you get the idea J). They’re awesome, and site owners need to make sure their mobile experience is as awesome as you look carrying around the latest and greatest iphone or the new droid 1000.0… super killer awesometoid (there Is no actual 1,000.00000 it’s a joke or is it?).

About myself

Hi im Alex AKA NinjaHub and i make youtube videos and i really wanna get noticed but its really hard and i have a youtube channel called NiiNJAHub and i have a gaming channel called TH3MINECRAFTER because i play minecraft so im also a gamer i play xbox..well i dont play xbox alot anymore i play during the weekends unless im hanging out with my friends oh and my main best friends are jacob,nathan,marysa (i luv you marysa),david,and tyler these people are always there for me when i need them.also i dont know if im going to make my NiiNJAHub youtube account a vlogging channel or a vide