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In the City of mixed Angels


Los Angeles and surrounding Areas Los Angeles, CA
United States
Phone: 6195 378 402
34° 3' 8.0424" N, 118° 14' 37.266" W

I am looking for a Co-Producer who is interested to help looking for funding and work together with me on the documentary "In the City of mixed Angels". In this documentary Erika Tasini wants to find out what it means to be multiracial in a city like Los Angeles. We will follow three different personalities from mixed heritage on their daily live and explore the ups and downs. We are also planning to interview officials from organisations and universities about the past and future of the multiracial society of L.A.



(scouting); Oakland, NV las vegas, NV 89106
United States
Phone: 702-218-2263
36° 11' 32.2224" N, 115° 9' 33.3792" W
GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: What is the true formulation of the characteristics of a real lady? How far will she go for career advancement? What will she do to satisfy an insatiable sexual desire?


Another Way To Die


23° 38' 4.2036" N, 102° 33' 10.0224" W

A thriller about a girl who tries to afront her boyfriend's death by killing herself. In the process, a strange connection start happening between them until she knows the truth.

They Left Us


Dubuque, IA 52001
United States
42° 30' 2.0088" N, 90° 39' 52.4592" W

This is the horror/noir/comedy/romance webseries set in the happening of what seems to be an apocolypse. Based on a book that is currently being written so things are somewhat hush hush. 

Lexi Spiderwoman


United States
Phone: 919-535-8357

Lexi Spiderwoman portrays Alex Fine as  an ordinary secretary by day who receives habitual love bites from her pet black widow setting off a DNA metamorphosis which transforms her into a dynamic force with super-spidy powers infiltrating a cyber-predator ring as Lexi on a rampage of vengeance by night...


Chasing Solace

After arriving in the port city of Klaipeda, an American traveler comes across a Lithuanian woman with thick skin. Through coffee and a meal, the two grow on one another and through her suggestion, agree to spend the rest of the man's journey together.

Heading for the major attractions such as the Hill of Crosses and the capital of Vilnius, the two unexpectedly face external obstacles, prompting them to reveal their true selves and fears.