Audio and Composition


Accepting Entries

Create an audio or sound clip for the following senerio:

Describe the saddest day of your life in a tragic emotion inspiring way. Use one of the sample scripts below, submit your own or do an improvisation.

You can use parts of or take inspiration from other role’s challenge entries.

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Productions are a great way to create group-oriented goals for easy-to-use project management.
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Michael McCoy
[picture]The Joseph Berry Project's Junto Box Films project page.
Michael McCoy
Looking for Other Members in: Acting, Audio and Composition, Editing and SFX
Production Type: Feature Film

Greetings, The producers at Sensory Pictures LLC would like offer our sincere thanks in advance to you for your much needed and very much appreciated support in this our effort to broaden the profile of our upcoming feature film project. 

It is our hope that you will join with us in doing just that... we are currently presenting the project for consideration on the Junto Box Films website and would appreciate it if all those who are willing would help us to reach...


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MoviePals Entertainment
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MoviePals Entertainment

We make films and work with directors, video editors, and post-production artists and we've built network and platform to help lots of people make movies and find filmmakers like you – Join Us!

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a weekday night  where you can talk about the ups and downs of filmmaking along with a general meet and greet, social networking in person style then come to one of our events and:

-          Share ideas and network...