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You've all seen that long list of credits accompanying even the cheesiest independent film, but this list is extreme in the opposite way. These films have crews so small, most of them would fit easily on half of one screen and some on a SINGLE LINE. Talk about ambition, or maybe they just don’t use deodorant and don’t have friends! 

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actor, crew_member, designer, director, makeup_and_costume_designer, producer
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actor, crew_member, editor, marketer, producer, sound_designer, writer
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actor, crew_member, editor
I am a recent graduate receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I've acted in a few student films...View Profile
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Vibeke Larsen Maltun
crew_member, designer, makeup_and_costume_designer
Hello I am a Norwegian Designer with broad spectered business and life experience. I am also a life...View Profile
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actor, crew_member, director, editor, sound_designer, writer
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I'm a Steadicam and camera operator new to LA - spent the past two years working in and around...View Profile
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Mike Leins
[picture]My name is Mike Leins and I am a writer, illustrator, and freelance artist. I specialize in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash, and have considerable experience with Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and After Effects. I've acted as production assistant on many short films,...
Mike Leins
Production Type: Collaborative

We’re starting work on a new short adult-animated film (PG-13 or R style) and we want to work on it throughout the summer, probably May through August. Anyone is welcome to join, college kids are encouraged to pitch in, too. We’ll meet online more than anywhere else, so location doesn’t matter.

Our aim here is to give great artists the chance to show their skills, co-own a project, grow their...


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MoviePals Entertainment
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MoviePals Entertainment

We make films and work with directors, video editors, and post-production artists and we've built network and platform to help lots of people make movies and find filmmakers like you – Join Us!

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a weekday night  where you can talk about the ups and downs of filmmaking along with a general meet and greet, social networking in person style then come to one of our events and:

-          Share ideas and network...